3MD integrated easy navigation, innovation, and a seamless user experience to create an efficient product (web/app) dedicated to incident management and alerts in the safety and security industry. A simple, intuitive, and user-friendly solution was required to track more than 200 cameras and manage 20,000 alerts per day. Modern cities, hospitals, factories, and offices use smart devices to improve security and operations. However, such vast amounts of unorganized information cannot be interpreted efficiently by humans alone. Thus, a user-friendly interface boosts our ability to collect, store, read, and analyze data from surveillance cameras, vibration sensors, thermal sensors, and more.

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Client Intellve
Industry Security Systems
Head of Design(UX & UI) Siddharth Bajpai
Client Servicing Moomal Manglani
UX Lead Pavani Chandak
UX Designer Muskan Bhatia
Shivam Tiwari
UI Lead Toral Mistry
UI Designer Shuvam Jaiswal
Baishali Naik
Shreya Jindal